Gold VoIP Telephone Service



Gold monthly VoIP telephone service – 9000 minutes* (150 hours) of talk time per month to or from anywhere in the Continental USA included, plus caller ID, call-forwarding, and voice mail, all for the low, low price of only $49.99 per month. No long term contracts**, no setup costs. Telephone number porting or purchase of a new telephone number included at no extra charge.

*Incoming or outgoing minutes used within the Continental USA in excess of 9000 minutes per month are billed at 1 cent per minute. Calls received from locations outside of the Continental USA are 1 cent per minute, unless the call is a toll call. Incoming toll calls are billed at the current rate for the country of origin. Calls to locations outside of the Continental USA may cost more, and are billed at the minute rate for the foreign destination. Please consult our international rate chart before making international calls. You may find our international rate chart at

**30 day contract required, which automatically renews each month, and customer may cancel anytime.

After purchasing monthly telephone service please call 405-451-0200 to speak with someone who will help you setup your account, including selecting a new telephone number for your account, or porting your existing number to your new service.


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